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Croatia, Malta, Norway, Poland, San Marino and Slovenia: How many Eurovision Prediction points did you score?

Eurovision Prediction 2022 is firmly underway and our next national finals of the season have reached their conclusion. It’s time to find out how many points you have earned for your predictions in Croatia’s Dora, Malta’s Malta Eurovision Song Contest, Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix, Poland‘s Tu bije serce Europy! Wybieramy hity na Eurowizja, San Marino’s Una Voce per San Marino and Slovenia’s EMA.

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Keep reading to find out more about how the points were allocated.

Calculating your points!

You can see a full breakdown of the points allocation below.

Croatia: Dora

ArtistEurovision Prediction points
Mia Dimšić12 points
Marko Bošnjak10 points
Mia Negovetić8 points
Bernarda7 points
Eric Vidović6 points
Elis Lovrić5 points
ToMa4 points
Tina Vukov3 points
Zdenka Kovačiček2 points
Ella Orešković1 point
All other artists0 points

Malta: Malta Eurovision Song Contest

ArtistEurovision Prediction points
Emma Muscat12 points
Aidan10 points
Nicole Azzopardi8 points
Norbert7 points
Denise6 points
Miriana Conte5 points
Matt Blxck4 points
Nicole Hammett3 points
Enya Magri2 points
Richard Edwards1 point
All other artists0 points

Norway: Melodi Grand Prix

ArtistEurovision Prediction points
Subwoolfer12 points
NorthKid10 points
Elsie Bay8 points
Sofie Fjellvang8 points
All other artists5 points

Poland: Tu bije serce Europy! Wybieramy hity na Eurowizję

ArtistEurovision Prediction points
Krystian Ochman12 points
Daria10 points
Unmute8 points
Kuba Szmajkowski7 points
Karolina Lizer6 points
Ania Byrcyn5 points
Szlachta Sisters4 points
Karolina Stanisławczyk feat. Chika Toro3 points
Emilia Dębska2 points
Lidia Kopania1 point

San Marino: Una Voce per San Marino

ArtistEurovision Prediction points
Achille Lauro12 points
Burak Yeter ft. Alessandro Coli10 points
Aaron Sibley8 points
Ivana Spagna7 points
Francesco Monte6 points
Matteo Faustini6 points
Camille Cabaltera4 points
Vina Rose4 points
Maria Chiara Leoni2 points
Tony Cicco, Deshedus & Alberto Fortis2 points
All other artists0 points

Slovenia: EMA

ArtistEurovision Prediction points
LPS12 points
Batista Cadillac10 points
BQL8 points
Luma7 points
July Jones6 points
Manouche5 points
Gušti feat. Leyre4 points
Hauptman3 points
Leya Leanne2 points
Stela Sofia1 point
All other artists0 points

For a full explanation of our new-for-2022 scoring system, please read the official Eurovision Prediction 2022 rules

Keep predicting!

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