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TVM chose to replace Emma Muscat’s entry the day after Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2022

"I Am Who I Am" was first sent to Melodifestivalen 2022

In an interview with the Danish broadcaster Anders Fredslund-Hansen, the founder and creative director of music company The Arrangement, revealed that the Maltese broadcaster wanted to replace Emma Muscat’s Eurovision 2022 entry just a day after Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

The day after the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, I received a text message from their Eurovision manager asking me for help. They had found a winner, but were looking for a new pile of songs that might surpass the one she had won with.

Anders Fredslund-Hansen

Emma Muscat won Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2022 by being the clear favourite of the jury, who all gave her 12 points and the televoters, who gave Emma 20 points. However, the winning entry “Out of Sight” was officially replaced by the new entry “I Am Who I Am” on March 14th.

According to Anders Fredslund-Hansen, The Arrangement send in “bunch of songs” for the Maltese broadcaster and two of them were chosen to be recorded as demos. The chosen song is written by Danish songwriters Stine Kinck and Julie Aagaard, Bosnian-Swedish songwriter Dino Medanhodzic and Emma Muscat herself. The song was written last summer at songwriting camp and was first sent to Melodifestivalen 2022.

With the new song Emma Muscat will represent the island nation at the second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin, Italy. She is set to perform on the first half of the show on May 12th.

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