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The Rasmus: “You can hear the energy of our band in our song” [INTERVIEW]

We had the opportunity to chat with The Rasmus from Finland ahead of their performance during Eurovision in Concert! They will participate in the Second Semi-Final with their song “Jezebel”.

Going to Turin

The band explains how they reached the decision to participate in UMK and hopefully go to Eurovision. It felt like the right thing to do for them after COVID-19, an exciting new step in their career. Plus, they had the perfect song to participate with, written by lead singer Lauri Ylönen and legendary songwriter Desmond Child. For Emilia, the newest member of the band, going to Eurovision is even more special:

Everything in this band is new for me, but the whole Eurovision thing is new for us all. It unites us, because they don’t know anything more about this journey than I do. This is a cool way to start in this band.

The band also discusses the songwriting process of “Jezebel”, and why they think it’s the perfect song for Eurovision!

Bente van Leijden

I have watched Eurovision every year since 2009, and have become actively involved in the fan culture since 2016! My favourite genre in Eurovision tends to be rock, but I am not opposed to pop songs or ballads at all. If the song is good, I will like it :) As an Amsterdam native, I am very lucky to visit Eurovision in Concert each year. In 2021, I was even lucky enough to attend 5 Eurovision shows in Rotterdam!

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