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Israel Calling ESCXTRA: Day 3 diary – tour of Jerusalem

Between April 4th and April 8th, Ryan and Dominik from ESCXTRA.com were honoured to be invited to Israel Calling 2022. In this article, we continue our diary series of the week’s events! Here’s Ryan’s experience of day 3!

Tour of Jerusalem

After a proper night’s sleep, it was time to get ready to head for a day tour of Jerusalem. All the artists and delegations had settled in and were ready to join the activities, thus we needed three tour buses to transport us all to the Israeli capital! Of course, breakfast was up first and I filled myself with… pizza!

Once we arrived in Jerusalem, we divided into five tour groups and we were grouped with, if I remember correctly, the delegations from Croatia, Ireland, Lithuania, Montenegro and North Macedonia. A fascinating guided tour took us through the streets and markets of Jerusalem, to the Western Wall and onto the City of David and Hezekiah’s Tunnel. It was a truly memorable experience! In between, we also had a wonderful lunch in which we were welcomed to Jerusalem and Israel by a minister of the city.

Red carpet reception

After heading back to the hotel for dinner, it was time for us and many of the delegations to head to the Museum for Jewish People in Tel Aviv for a special red carpet reception. We had a choice of various alcohol beverages and some juices: I couldn’t get enough of the orange juice – such a party animal! Nevertheless, during the party I hosted my first ever interview with the Czech Republic’s We Are Domi which you will see on our ESCXTRA YouTube channel in the coming days!

Team ESCXTRA and We Are Domi then joined Australia’s Sheldon Riley on a short tour of the museum’s music and art section in which we discovered the many famous Jewish artists both past and present.

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