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Marius Bear admits struggling after Eurovision voting

Marius Bear, who represented Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, has admitted his struggle following the voting of the Grand Final on Saturday. During the show, his song “Boys Do Cry” finished in last place with televoters, scoring the infamous nil points. He did so in an interview with Bluewin.

Marius Bear: “After the voting, I felt so down”

The night started well for Switzerland, with The Netherlands awarding 10 jury points to “Boys Do Cry”. At the end of the jury voting, Marius Bear found himself in twelfth place, having gathered 78 points. Televoters however didn’t give any points to Switzerland. The total score of 78 meant Switzerland placed seventeenth, just behind Azerbaijan.

Commenting on the show itself, Marius says he was very happy with his performance. After originally feeling he could have done more, he said watching his performance back on Sunday made him realise it was perfect. He says:

I gave 200% during the final on Saturday and therefore was able to accomplish the plan I had had in my head for half a year. In the end it didn’t really work out – at least not for the televoters.

Marius Bear to Bluewin

The voting sequence has however left a mark on the 29-year old from Appenzell. In the same Bluewin interview, Bear commented on the night as follows.

I don’t remember what I thought [when the Netherlands gave me ten points]. I was pumped with adrenalin, it all felt like a rush to me. The entire Eurovision Song Contest was full of highs and lows. I will admit: After the voting, I felt so down.

Return on the cards?

Once Marius returned to Switzerland, the first thing he did was visit his parents in the Appenzell region. He thinks it’s vital to land back on your two feet after an experience as big as Eurovision. His mother helped him settle in back home, as she cooked him some food before Marius decided to mow the lawn, because his mother suffers from a bad knee.

In the same interview, Marius Bear adds that his two favourite entries of the night on Saturday were “Die Together”, Greece’s entry by Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord and “Space Man” by Sam Ryder for the United Kingdom. He ends the interview by describing the Eurovision Song Contest as a roller coaster of emotions. About his future, he says:

You know what? I have this feeling that this wasn’t my last time at Eurovision.

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  1. I love your song and I love your voice.som3 people have no taste at can you get a reception like that and not be at the top

  2. I love your voice since I have heard your song. You did your best, don\’t be sad life is privilege, enjoy your life. I just learned today from text messages :
    Life will change in a second, with no warning, with no second chance. Remember your voice is amazing.

  3. Your song and voice were beautiful,definitely one of my favourites. Bravo,don\’t be discouraged.

  4. What a great song and performance Cannot believe it didnt do better. Should have been top 5 in my opinion.

  5. I loved this song and also your voice. I couldn’t believe the low score. Some people have no taste.

  6. I think he has a great voice. But the song was really slow and monotonous.
    Last year Switzerland also had a slow song but it had really its tone changes, it was really exciting.
    Honestly when I’m hearing the Eurovision playlist I skip Switzerland. And also Israel and Australia.
    So I totally understand why it had 0 votes. He should be happy because he had waaay more points than France or Finland that had really great songs.

  7. Oh Marius, please don’t be disheartened. In 10 years from now I can still see myself listening to this gem, while in a few months I will totally forget or get fed up with some songs that received massive televotes. “Boys do Cry” is an evergreen and Marius’ swooning voice elevates it. That’s why I voted for you. Thank you for participating.

  8. Marius, I love your song, and I voted for you.
    In my opinion, Eurovision contestants are already winners because all of you have beautiful voices and exceptional musical abilities. Please remember that all of us are different and we all like other music, so perhaps this year it wasn\’t your time to be among the winners, but if you like singing, keep doing it, and your time might come.
    Your song is on my Spotify listening list, but many songs sung by this year\’s winners are not.
    Good luck, and keep singing!

  9. darlin, don\’t let the idiot public vote get you down. i\’m telling you, you were better than all the other acts that night, and by a mile. you are too good for eurovision. eurovision isn\’t right for you. you should just be on a record label like every other mega talent. but never, ever stop singing. love you. xx

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