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Poland’s TVP offers help to host Eurovision 2023

With Ukraine’s massive victory during last Saturday’s Grand Final still fresh in our minds, many wonder what Kalush Orchestra’s win would mean for next year’s Eurovision. Soon after the Grand Final, the EBU released a statement saying that they will begin planning Eurovision 2023 with the winning broadcaster UA:PBC.

Support from Poland

Of course, due to the ongoing war in Ukraine after being invaded by Russia, unique challenges will lie ahead in organizing a safe and free event for all. In the unfortunate case Ukraine won’t be able to host Eurovision in their own country next year and decline the honor of hosting, the EBU will look for another host country.

In an interview with Polish news website Plejada, president of TVP Jacek Kurski discusses the possibility of Poland helping Ukraine with hosting the contest. The interview was conducted after the Second Semi-Final, but before the Grand Final. Thus, before Ukraine had been confirmed as the Eurovision winner.

When asked about the potential scenario of a Ukrainian win, Jacek Kurski confirms that TVP would indeed do what they can to help their neighbours. According to Kurksi, Poland would be “always open to help.” He does mention that while this willingness is definitely present, “there are also rules that bind us as a State Treasury company, a public company.” This means that there are still rules they have to follow and a certain budget that they have to adhere to. He ends by stating: “I cannot make promises except generally good will in this matter.”

Other potential host countries

Spanish broadcaster RTVE has already confirmed they would be prepared to host Eurovision and support Ukraine regarding the organization. María Eizaguirre, director at RTVE, confirmed their willingness after the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest on La Una.

A spokesperson has reached out to UA:PBC to confirm that Spain will “support Ukraine in everything regarding the organisation”. In case Ukraine cannot stage the contest in the country itself, Spain will offer themselves as back-up venue, RTVE confirm. The Spanish broadcaster goes on to add that they would only proceed with their offerings if Ukraine agreed to such a move.

Similarly, executive producer of the Eurovision Song Contest Sietse Bakker has pointed out that it would be a possibility to look at countries that have recently hosted the show, for example The Netherlands. Dutch broadcasters AVROTROS and NPO have commented on this news as well, saying that it is too early to say anything about a possible new edition in the Netherlands. If the EBU approaches them to organize the event once again, they will take that into consideration with all involved parties.

The story so far

Kalush Orchestra won the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin last Saturday with a whopping 631 points. Their televote score of 439 represent 93% of the maximum score, with 28 countries sending their maximum twelve points to “Stefania”.

Soon after Ukraine’s victory, statements began rolling in regarding next year’s hosting of Eurovision. President Zelensky of Ukraine stated that his country would indeed work on hosting the Eurovision Song Contest next year. He even suggested to one day welcome the participants and visitors in the city of Mariupol, which has suffered severely under the Russian invasion. The EBU have commented by saying they will work with Ukrainian broadcaster UA:PBC to work on the challenges a contest in Ukraine would provide.

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  1. Every effort should be made for the sake of the song, people and refugees to host the contest in a nearby venue such as Warsaw.
    The runner-up default is opportune but distant from the needs of the situation. The free voice of its culture.

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