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Hurricane release “Gospodine…” ahead of split

Serbia’s representatives at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 and 2021, Hurricane, have released a new single “Gospodine…”. The single follows an earlier announcement that the trio would split up later this year.

Hurricane know what sells…

“Gospodine…” is a direct way to address a man in their lives. The lyrics of the song mention the game of love between two people, where things get dirtier by the minute. Kosana Stojić and Nemanja Antonić have written the song. Stojić was also responsible for “Hasta La Vista”, the entry Serbia had chosen for the Eurovision Song Contest 2020. Antonić is no stranger to Hurricane either, having worked on both “Hasta La Vista” and “Loco Loco” for Eurovision.

“Gospodine…” part of the farewell?

For many months, rumours flew around in the region regarding a potential break-up for Hurricane. Ivana Nikolić, Sanja Vučić and Ksenija Knežević kept denying the rumours, until a few weeks ago. The three singers then confirmed that they would indeed stop being Hurricane. In a joint statement, they revealed that their contracts to be part of the group expire in September. A joint decision was made not to renew the agreement. For Ivana, Sanja and Ksenija, it was very important to reiterate that there are no fights between the members. After working together so closely for five years, they are still very good friends. They also announced a farewell tour in their statement, commenting:

As a sign of gratitude to fans of all ages, the audience in general and great interest, a farewell tour is being prepared, about which the media and the public will be informed in time, and which can take place until November. It was a great honor to work with Sanja, Ivana and Ksenija, who proved to be professionals and justified the status of stars who have gained in the meantime solely thanks to their work, effort, commitment and talent!


“One Last Time” Tour

The tour will have the title of “One Last Time”, fitting to their goodbye to the public. A total of nineteen shows have currently been scheduled all over the region. However, there have also done a show in Linz and will perform in Bern (28th May) and Paris (11th June). The final show now seems to be in Sremska Mitrovica on 1st July.

Hurricane represented Serbia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in Rotterdam with “Loco Loco”. In the Grand Final, the girl group finished in fifteenth place with 102 points. They came in ninth with the televoters. For Sanja, it was her second time at Eurovision, having previously represented her country back in 2016 with “Goodbye (Shelter)”.

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