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Loukas Yorkas flies high with “Mechri Ton Ourano”

2011 Eurovision entrant Loukas Yorkas has just dropped his latest single: “Mechri Ton Ourano”. Yorkas, who represented Greece in Düsseldorf, wrote the song himself. For the traditional laïko singer, famous for songs like “Mona Liza”, his new single is a completely different sound. Make sure you listen to it below!

To the sky with Loukas Yorkas

“Mechri Ton Ourano” means “To The Sky” in English and for Loukas Yorkas, it’s a new direction in his career. After several traditional laïko songs, the Cypriot singer is now back with a pop sound. Instead of traditional instruments, we now hear electric guitars and harmonicas on the new track.

It is the first time in Yorkas’s career that he’s written a song all by himself. The lyrics of the song deliver a message of love, friendship and companionship. With the pop and summer vibe Loukas Yorkas is delivering, this is a whole new sound for his loyal fan base.

Back to 2011…

In 2011, Greece selected Loukas Yorkas and Stereo Mike for the Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf. With the rap by Stereo Mike and the traditional big vocals by Yorkas, accompanied by Ionian columns in the background, the duo scored a solid seventh place for Greece. The song, “Watch My Dance“, received 120 points, including 12 from Yorkas’s home country of Cyprus. Albania, Germany and Bulgaria awarded Greece ten points each.

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