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Tijana Bogićević celebrates love with new single “Umem”

Serbia’s 2017 representative, Tijana Bogićević, just dropped “Umem”, the lead single from her second studio album titled “Blizu”.

“Umem” (I know) is a heartfelt big ballad, in which Tijana talks about knowing how to love her chosen one, and celebrating that warm feeling of closeness and warmth when you’re with the one you love. Beautiful sentiments from Tijana. And if you happen to be single, just pretend you didn’t read any of this, and enjoy Tijana’s signature sound, which is a contemporary ballad led by her unique vocal.

Tijana Bogićević’s career so far

If you’re only familiar with Tijana from her Kyiv 2017 entry, you might be surprised by this sound. And if you’ve been paying attention to what she’s been doing, I suspect you’re fond of her new single.

Tijana shines the most with emotional ballads and mid-tempo tracks that get to showcase her raspy vocal while conveying deep lyrics about a wide range of human emotions. From the gut-wrenchingly sad “Hajde Onda Ništa” to the confrontational “Širina” , to the slightly over-possessive “Tražim”, if you’ve felt it – Tijana has sung about it. And will make you feel it again.

And the Serbian audience appreciates it! Since competing, and in spite of failing to qualify in 2017, her career has grown immensely. Her debut album Čudo (miracle) was received very well among the Serbian public, and has spawned several radio hits. Her career culminated in a sold out solo concert in Belgrade’s Kombank dvorana in April 2019.

New album coming very soon

This time around, she seems to be in a very good mood, as she belts out in the chorus:

“This love I know, as if life has written the roles for us. Even if I died tomorrow, next to you my heart has lived enough, breathed enough…”

Amanda Tenfjord, watch your back, Tijana is coming for your gig!

“Umem” serves as the lead single for her sophomore album “Blizu” (Close) which will come out in June. It’s set to feature 7 new tracks (including the lead single) and promises to focus on emotion and a modern sound. Which is exactly what her fans expect.

In all seriousness, “Umem” is a lovely ballad from a great singer and give it a listen!

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