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Eurovision stars caught in the MAD Video Music Awards drama

Last Wednesday, the 19th MAD Video Music Awards took place in Greece and for the first time in two years they took place as they normally did before COVID-19. But the ceremony was anything but normal that night. During the ceremony, a fight broke between two trappers and some Eurovision stars got caught in the drama.

A dramatic return for the award show

The 2022 award show was a celebration for the return of “normalcy” to the awards. For the first time since 2019, the awards took place with a full audience. The ceremony however turned out to be quite eventful, as Greek trappers Snik and Light got in a fight not once but twice during the night. Is this the impact of Will Smith’s recent Oscars incident?

The first time, the two trappers got in a fight while Tamta was on stage performing. The performance was interrupted when the fight between the two started. But that was not enough for the two trappers as their brawl continued later. Just when Helena Paparizou was about to receive her award for Best Balled, Snik and Light got into yet another fist fight. Helena Paparizou, terrified by the fight, got escorted safely outside the venue and left the show without getting her award.

It should be noted that during the fight, people not directly involved got injured. Several people tried to calm them down and seperate them, while others joined the fight. Despite the incident, Snik and Light both remained a part of the show and even got to perform later on. This was not the first time however the two got in a fight, as it happened before during the 2019 award show. The two trappers have a history of feuds which is why they requested to sit separately.


Several Greek stars reacted to the incident, mainly expressing their disappointment towards the two trappers for “ruining the night dedicated to music”. Among the people reacting to the incident were Katy Garbi, Sakis Rouvas, as well as the two affected stars Helena Paparizou and Tamta.

The organizers of the award show also reacted to the incident. They announced that they would not broadcast anything that includes anyone involved in the fight. A similar announcement was made by Mega, the channel that will broadcast the awards. The announcement posted by MAD specifically said:

MAD Video Music Awards condemn any kind of violence. With that being said, we will not broadcast any performance or award of people involved in these kind of unacceptable behaviors. For 19 years, the MAD Video Music Awards are and will continue being a celebration of music that unites us.

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