New Music Friday – this week with Sam Ryder, Kristian Kostov, Jamala and more!

Ten of the best new songs from Eurovision artists!

Circus Mircus – ‘Love Letters’

Finally Circus Mircus have unlocked themselves from a brief music pause to share their latest project. ‘Love Letters’ is a small note from their much anticipated upcoming EP. Although a shift in style from ‘Lock Me In’, it is no less impactful with its nods to classic indie production and vocal styling. The gentle piano melody acting as the easy-going antidote in similar vein to the indifferent acceptance of a break up retold in the lyrics.

Noa Kirel – ‘פנתרה’

After much speculation, Noa Kirel and KAN finally confirmed the news that Eurovision 2023 has its first selected artist. Already 21-year-old Noa has established herself as one of the biggest female acts in Israel, following her YouTube breakthrough in 2015. Now she wants to unleash her inner panther in new single, ‘פנתרה’. With choreography and sensual Latin beats to match, Noa gives a brief teaser of what we could expect next year as she playfully showcases how her inner feline instincts manifest to make her a force to be reckoned with.

Soleá – ‘Pose Pose’

Last but not least on New Music Friday is Spain’s 2020 Junior Eurovision representative, Soleá. As RTVE prepare to select their latest entrant, we catch up with the young Andalusian singer and her latest hit, ‘Pose Pose’. Once more the strong castanet rhythms flow through this catchy song about pride and freedom of expression. However we see more development of Soleá as an artist with the personal touches of her vocal range, as she shares the vibrant culture of her home town in the clip below.

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