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Rosa Linn and Duncan Laurence team up for new single WDIA (Would Do It Again).

Two streaming titans team up

They are two Eurovision streaming titans with two Billboard 100 hits, a billion Spotify streams and multiple global chart appearances between them and now they unite for their new single ”WDIA”.

An emotional combination

A heartfelt back and forth duet. The song follows the story of her massive hit ‘SNAP’ where Rosa Linn sings about “doing it all again” even if it means falling in love just to lose the person. Together they explore the feelings of loss and emptiness post-breakup.

With lyrics like “And I’ll take all the pain, shoot it inside my veins, and repeat it ’til I go insane”, suggests that the relationship was possibly toxic, almost akin to a drug addiction.

The song amps up and culminates with the lyric “If I could go back, chasing what we had, straight through the pitch black, I would do it again” suggests that the relationship is well and truly in the past. Interestingly the song’s lyric video is always in the point of view of Rosa’s character so maybe it’s Duncan’s character has moved on leaving her behind.

You can make your own mind up by listening to the song below.

Late night American debut.

Alongside the release of “WDIA” comes the announcement that Rosa Linn will make her late-night TV debut in the US on The Late Late Show with James Corden on October 31, where she will pay homage to her home country of Armenia with a performance of “SNAP” alongside a traditional Armenian folk trio. She will also be supporting Ed Sheeran on his north American ”+–=÷x” tour.

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