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TVM releases MESC 2023 song snippets

The first quarterfinal is due to take place on January 13.

Back in November, Maltese television network TVM published a list of the song titles and finalists that will compete in the Quarter Finals of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2023. The broadcaster has since releases snippets of the 40 songs.

All forty clips can now be found on Eurovision Song Malta’s YouTube channel, via this playlist.

The competing acts are:

  1. Jake – “Love You Like That”
  2. Clintess – “Lura Qatt” (Never backwards)
  3. Francesca Sciberras – “Masquerade”
  4. Ian – “On My Own”
  5. Maria Christina – “Our Flame”
  6. Dario – “Pawn in a Game”
  7. Klinsmann – “Piranah” (Piranha)
  8. Aidan – “Reġina” (Queen)
  9. Greta Tude – “Sound of My Stilettos”
  10. Mark Anthony Bartolo – “Tears”
  11. Marie Claire – “Thankful”
  12. Geo Debono – “The Mirror”
  13. Haley – “Tik Tok”
  14. John Galea – “Trailblazer”
  15. Fabizio Faniello – “Try To Be Better”
  16. Jessika – “Unapologetic”
  17. Matt Blxck – “UP.”
  18. Stefan – “What Do You Want?”
  19. Dominic and Anna – “Whatever the Wind May Blow”
  20. Maria Debono – “X’allegrija” (What joy)
  21. Maxine Pace – “Alone”
  22. Jason Scerri – “Anything Can Happen”
  23. Bradley Debono – “Blackout”
  24. Dario Bezzina – “Bridle Road”
  25. Andre – “Broken Hill”
  26. Brooke – “Checkmate”
  27. Nathan – “Creeping Walls”
  28. The Busker – “Dance (Our Own Party)”
  29. James Louis – “Dream”
  30. Christian Arding – “Eku Ċar” (Clear echo)
  31. Kirstie – “Girls Get Down”
  32. Eliana Gomez Blanco – “Guess What”
  33. Lyndsay – “Haunted”
  34. Stefan – “Heartbreaker”
  35. Giada – “I Depend on You”
  36. Ryan Hili – “In the Silence”
  37. Chris Grech – “Indescribable”
  38. Dan – “It’ll Be Ok”
  39. Cheryl Balzan – “La La Land”
  40. Mike – “Leħen Fiċ-Ċpar” (A voice in the fog)

As we can see, there are some familiar names in this list. There are multiple former Junior Eurovision Song Contest participants, such as Eliana Gomez Blanco (2019) and Franesca Scibberas (2009). And you may know Fabrizio Faniello from his participation for Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest in the early 00’s (2001 & 2006)!

The dates of the selection are as follows:

  • Quarterfinal One – January 13
  • Quarterfinal Two – January 20
  • Quarterfinal Three – January 27
  • Quarterfinal Four – February 3
  • Semi-Final – February 9
  • Grand Final – February 11

Six songs from each quarterfinal will qualify to the semi-finals, which will decide the 16 songs that will compete in the Grand Final on February 11.

Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest

Malta first participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1971 with Joe Grech and his song, “Marija I-Malitja”, which finished in last place with 52 points. They also finished last on their second attempt in the contest in 1972. After a third appearance in 1975, Malta withdrew from the contest until 1991, when they returned and finished in sixth place with 106 points. 

Since their return in 1991, Malta has finished in the top three on four occasions – Mary Spiteri with “Little Child” in 1992 and Chiara with “The One That I Love” in 1998 which both finished in third place. Also, Ira Losco with “7th Wonder” in 2002 and Chiara with “Angel” in 2005, which both finished in second place. Malta has not yet won the contest, however.

In 2022, Malta was represented by Italian singer Emma Muscat. She had won the Malta Eurovision Song Contest with her song ‘Out of Sight’, although the song was quickly replaced by another power ballad. Emma ended up performing ‘I Am What I Am’ in the Second Semi-Final in Turin, placing 16th in her Semi with 47 points.

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