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Beatrich wins second Pabandom iš naujo! heat in Lithuania

The first semi-final will take place next weekend.

Lithuania has chosen the next ten semifinalists of Pabandom iš naujo! 2023. Beatrich swept up the top score from both the juries and the televoters, just as Rūta Mur did last week. A further five acts were eliminated.

Another heat, another landslide

Take a look at the full results below! Behind each televote score, you can see the amount of televotes received by each act.

1Beatrich“Like a Movie”1212 (955)24
2Monika Linkytė“Stay” 108 (851)18
3Mario Junes“Do What You Do”76 (744)13
4Matt Len“Midnight Train”57 (780)12
5Petunija“Love of My Life”82 (467)10
5Agnė“New Start”010 (918)10
7Moon Bee“Rumor”35 (698)8
7Gebrasy“Saw Your Ghost”60 (349)6
9Donata“Dreamer”41 (466)5
10Antikvariniai Kašpirovskio dantys“Sėdi ir važiuoji”23 (527)5
11I. T.“Žinau, tai tu” 04 (651)4
12Viktorija Faith“If You Ever Miss Me”10 (133)1
13Melona“Song of Whispers”00 (306)0
14The PiXLS“Šaukt”00 (147)0
15Voldemaras Petersonas“Things”00 (210)0

Three more Pabandom iš naujo! shows to go

Lithuania will have three more shows to select their entry for Liverpool this year. Next week, the first of two semi-finals will determine half of the finalists. The second semi-final will take place the following weekend on February 11.

The Grand Final is set for February 18, where the Lithuanian representative for Eurovision 2023 will be chosen.

In the meantime, you can watch tonight’s winner below:

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