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Reports suggest 4 acts in contention the represent the UK at Eurovision 2023

And could they beat the UK’s impressive second place finish from 2022?

British newspaper The Mirror reported this Monday that just 4 acts are still in the running to become the UK’s Eurovision representative for 2023. Just like last year, management firm TaP Music is responsible for choosing the British contender for Eurovision.

Co-founder of TaP Music, Ed Millett, mentioned earlier this week that:

“they should, perhaps, not have a guy”.

Ben Mawson, project manager at TaP hinted:

“We’re down to four acts, in varying forms of established.”

While no names have been confirmed to be among the 4 hopeful acts, it is likely that it will either be a female or a non-binary person. The UK has been sending male artists to Eurovision since 2019, and appearantly are ready to change up their game.

The United Kingdom in Eurovision 2022

Sam Ryder was chosen internally to represent them at the contest, finishing second with “Space Man” with 466 points – topping the jury vote in Turin. Thanks to his accomplishment, the United Kingdom will now host the contest as Ukraine are unable to host due to the ongoing Russian invasion in the country.

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