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Vesna wins ESCZ and will represent the Czech Republic in Eurovision 2023!

Last week, fans from all over the world could vote for their favourite song in ESCZ, the Czech national final. The votes from the international and Czech audiences have been counted, and Vesna has won with “My Sister’s Crown”!

The results

The winning song was through 100% public voting consisting of 70% international and 30% Czech. The artists performed on January 30th in the first live televised national final in 15 years. Fans were then encouraged to vote via the Eurovision app or on

SongInternational audienceCzech audienceTotal
1. Vesna – “My Sister’s Crown”7083350110584
2. Pam Rabbit – “ghosting”279914174217
3. RODAN – “Introvert Party Club”14945011995
4. Markéta Irglová – “Happy”8251841009
5. Maella – “Flood”50495599

After an exciting sequence, Vesna was revealed as the winner! That also means that those who voted on Eurovision Prediction were right! You can listen to the song again here:

Czech Republic in Eurovision

Czech Republic first debuted at Eurovision in 2007. Back then, they hosted a televised national final. Rockers Kabát won the show and took “Malá Dama” to Helsinki. Sadly, they finished last in the semifinal. Their 2008 and 2009 entries both ended without any success, causing the Czechs to withdraw.

They surprisingly returned in 2015 and recorded their first final qualification a year later. Their best result came in 2018, when Mikolas Josef finished in sixth place with “Lie To Me”. Since their return, the Czechs have qualified for the final more times than they failed to do so. We Are Domi also qualified for the final last year with their “Lights Off”.

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