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XTRA DECIDES: 🇪🇪 ‘Venom’ is our choice to win Eesti Laul

XTRA DECIDES sees the team here at ESCXTRA score the Eurovision national final songs, reviewing our winner. Follow us from here through to March 2023 as we make our choices for Eurovision 2023.

The Scores

1Ollie – ‘Venom’ 🏆1135
2Alika – ‘Bridges’1095
3Sissi – ‘Lighthouse’973
4M Els – ‘So Good At What You Do’770
5Elysa – ‘Bad Philosophy’751
6Bedwetters – ‘Monsters’530
7Janek – ‘House Of Glass’510
8Inger – ‘Awaiting You’420
9Andreas – ‘Why Do You Love Me’370
10Mia – ‘Üks samm korraga’300
10Meelik – ‘Tuju’300
12Anett x Fredi – ‘You Need To Move On’220

The Reviews

Well, this would be a new direction for Estonia! I’m a fan of this (and Bedwetters) in this year’s Eesti Laul. It’s just a very good pop rock entry which should be accessible for larger audiences than just a rock fandom. Estonia may be looking at a unique entry when it comes to Eurovision, because we don’t really get things like this all too often. I’m deifnitely backing Ollie for Eesti Laul this year!
I would love to see Estonia send something like ‘Venom’ to Eurovision, as I’ve always felt as though Estonia’s entries have been relatively ‘safe’. This is by no means a criticism however, as they’ve had a few strong entries in the past 10 years. Ollie is a fantastic live singer with so much charisma and will undoubtedly bring bounds of energy to the Eurovision stage. Whilst ‘Venom’ is, at its core, a rock song, it also includes various pop elements that make it more accessible to people who may not necessarily be fans of rock music. I am also loving the staging and camera work currently utilised at Eesti Laul, as it definitely adds more intimacy and power to the song.

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