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XTRA DECIDES: 🇩🇰 ‘I Was Gonna Marry Him’ is our choice to win Melodi Grand Prix

XTRA DECIDES sees the team here at ESCXTRA score the Eurovision national final songs, reviewing our winner. Follow us from here through to March 2023 as we make our choices for Eurovision 2023.

The Scores

1Eyjaa – “I Was Gonna Marry Him” 🏆1204
2Reiley – “Breaking my Heart”1133
3Nicklas Sonne – “Freedom”903
4Maia Maia – “Beautiful Bullshit”852
5Micky Skeel – “Glansbillede”741
6Søren Torpgaard Lund – “Lige Her”700
7Frederick Leopold – “Stuck on You”611
8Mariyah Leberg – “Human”370

The Reviews

Brynja Mary has returned with a beautiful song and a lovely sister. I think EYJAA have the ingredients to do well at DMGP and hopefully win. “I Was Gonna Marry Him” is a beautifully haunting song. I love how Brynja and Sarah are singing a song that’s not in the genre they usually perform in. They are doing this because they can hear their voices in the song. Best of luck to my favourites x
Whilst I may not be the biggest fan of the rhyming in “I Was Gonna Marry Him”, the lyrics are extremely relatable and convey a very sweet message which I am sure will hit a chord with many people. The instrumentation is particularly memorable and an instant earworm, and Brynja and Sarah’s beautiful voices complement each other very well. I particularly love how the song incorporates so many different musical elements – I’m not sure I can even place it in a particular genre!
Denmark? Is this you? No offense to DR, but the words safe, bland and beige usually pop into my mind when I think of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. It normally just doesn’t convince me. This, too, is relatively beige and safe, but on a whole other level. It’s got a hook, it’s modern, yet reminds me of the singalong songs of yesteryear. It’s instant and you’re focused right away when EYJAA start singing. I’d be happy if Denmark chose this!

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