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Eurovision in Concert 2023: A recap

It’s been a few days since the biggest Eurovision pre-party, Eurovision in Concert, took place in the Dutch capital. While the attending ESCXTRA reporters are still recovering from the incredible time at the gig (and the afterparty), we decided to highlight some of the most memorable moments of the night!


On Saturday afternoon our reporters Bente, Tom and Bo had the privilege to speak to many excited Eurovision 2023 hopefuls, such as Käärijä from Finland and Sudden Lights from Latvia! If you are curious to know what song interrupted our interview with Latvia for a dance break, or how Käärijä has improved his English so fast, check them out on our YouTube channel ! And stay tuned, because more interviews from Eurovision in Concert will be uploaded this week..

The concert

Eurovision in Concert took place in the AFAS Live, where 5000 fans gathered to see their favorite artists perform. Tickets for the gig were sold out, and anyone who was inside the venue could see and feel how packed it was! The line to get inside stretched for about 200 meters, and the lucky ones in the front tried to get their hands on tickets to the afterparty that took place right after the concert. The audience was also handed a flag and a foam tube with lights on the inside to wave around during the concert.

A staggering number of 29 countries participating in Eurovision 2023 were present in Amsterdam, with 28 of them taking the stage that night. Unfortunately, France’s La Zarra didn’t perform due to personal issues. We wish her to feel better soon!

Check out some of the pictures from the concert down below:

And check out the official @eurovisioninconcert Instagram for uploads of the full performances of the night! “Tattoo”, “Watergun” or “Future Lover” anyone?

Eurovision in Concert 2024?

Are you trying to cure your post-concert depression by planning a visit to Eurovision in Concert next year? We have good news for you! Eurovision in Concert will be back on the 13th of April next year! Will we see you there?

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