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Here’s an exclusive record set by Blanca Paloma for Spain…

Spain have now achieved every possible Eurovision result

This Saturday, Blanca Paloma represented Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023. Her result of coming seventeenth was lower than expected beforehand, so there may be some disappointment in the Spanish delegation. However, coming seventeenth has given Spain an exclusive record…

Spain: Covering the entire board

The small, fun statistic was discovered by Spanish Eurovision platform Eurovisionario. They figured out that Spain are now the only country to finish on every possible spot on the scoreboard in the Grand Final. They obviously finished first in 1968 (La La La) and 1969 (Vivo Cantando), but have now also finished on every possible position behind that. The last open slot for RTVE was seventeenth – now taken up by Blanca Paloma.

Spain is the only country to achieve this feat out of all countries that have ever participated in the Eurovision Song Contest. Other long standing members of the Eurovision family all miss a spot here or there, but Spain don’t. For example, this year’s winners Sweden have never finished eleventh and fellow Big Five member France never managed to come ninth.

Spain’s record also suggests they’ve finished on the bottom of the pile quite a few times recently, as the 26 song final is relatively young. All of their results of coming 21st or lower were achieved between 2005 and 2021, with 2017 being the lowest. Their 26th place in the Grand Final in Kyiv, with Manel Navarro and Do It For Your Lover is the only 26th place they’ve ever received. It’s not the only time Spain finished last, though. Their only thirteenth place, for example, dates back to 1962 when Llámame finished last without a single point. Most often, Spain finished in tenth place – a result they achieved seven times.

11968 & 1969141981, 1985 & 1992
21971, 1973, 1979 & 1995151965 & 2010
31984 & 2022161976, 1998 & 2008
41970 & 1991172023
51990181994 & 2000
61967, 1989, 1997 & 2001191983 & 1987
71966 & 2002201996 & 2007
82003212006, 2005 & 2015
91961, 1974, 1977 & 1978222016 & 2019
101972, 1975, 1982, 1986, 2004, 2012 & 2014232011 & 2018
111988 & 1993242009 & 2021
121963, 1964 & 1980252013

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