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Alessandra releases new single “Pretty Devil”

Her name is, Alessandra and she dominated the big audience with her song “Queen of Kings” during Eurovision season. The Norwegian singer managed to finish fifth in the Grand Final of Eurovision 2023, and she comes back a month later releasing her new song, “Pretty Devil”.

Alessandra sings and dances “Pretty Devil”

Alessandra had made her song “Queen of Kings” viral through the music platforms and she returns with another pop banger “Pretty Devil” to repeat the same success story. While Alessandra was rehearsing on Eurovision stage for two weeks, she managed also to promote her upcoming music. Since Eurovision is a great opportunity for new artists to have all eyes on them, she cleverly released a snippet of “Pretty Devil” during Eurovision period in order to catch the audience attention in advance.

This music snippet of “Pretty Devil” has been linked with an easy, but catchy choreography. Alessandra had already uploaded many different Tik Tok videos with the same choreo for a month now. This music snippet is used by Tik Tok accounts more than 6.000 times prior to the official release while “Pretty Devil” has received more than 70.000 pre-saves in the related music platforms.

Alessandra sings for women’s empowerment

While the catchy lyrics are perfectly sung by Alessandra, she confesses that this song is for a girl who is amazing, but she carries a lot of insecurities. So, Alessandra stands close to her, and she tries to make her see what Alessandra sees on her by supporting her to be who she really is.

“Pretty Devil” is written by Audun Agnar Guldbrandsen, Margrethe Frich, Ludwig Gassner και Einar Eriksen Kvaløy.

The “Queen of Kings” in numbers

Alessandra brought the best position for Norway of the last decade while she received the third highest televoting score of the Eurovision Grand Final 2023. She also managed to be in Global Spotify List, in Top10 of UK’s Official Charts which are one of the most influential music charts in Europe and to reach spot 58 on Billboard 200. The Spotify streams of “Queen of Kings” are close to 100 million.

Alessandra mentioned that she had already made a lot of music and she is looking forward for new releases while she will be on a European tour in 2024. Dates and places are already announced.

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