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OGAE Second Chance 2023 line up announced

Twenty-three entries are set to compete in this year’s event which is being organized by Sweden’s OGAE club, after Medina’s victory last year with the song ‘In I Dimman’. You can vote for your favourite on our poll down below!

The annual tradition of giving a second chance to the songs that weren’t selected to represent their countries in the Eurovision Song Contest is in full speed. OGAE clubs all over Europe (and the rest of the world) have chosen their representatives and the voting is open until the 31st of August.

This year’s list of participants include several runner-ups from their respective national finals such as Estonia’s OLLIE or Norway’s Ulrikke, as well as fan favourites such as Jann from Poland or Chérine from Belgium. You can find the running order of this year’s event with all the competing entries right below, as well as a poll where you can vote for your favourite.

1. Finland 🇫🇮 | KUUMAA – Ylivoimainen (5th place at UMK)

2. Iceland 🇮🇸 | Langi Seli og Skuggarnir – OK (2nd place at Söngvakeppnin)

3. Malta 🇲🇹 | Ryan Hili – In The Silence (2nd place at MESC)

4. ROW (Moldova) 🇲🇩 | SunStroke Project – Yummy Mommy (2nd place at Etapa Națională)

5. Czechia 🇨🇿 | RODAN – Introvert Party Club (3rd place at ESCZ)

6. Belgium 🇧🇪 | Chérine – Ça M’ennuie Pas (4th place at Eurosong)

7. Romania 🇷🇴 | Andreea D Folclor Orchestra – Periniţa Mea (2nd place at Selecția Națională)

8. Lithuania 🇱🇹 | Rūta MUR – So Low (2nd place at PIN)

9. Poland 🇵🇱 | Jann – Gladiator (2nd place at TBSE)

10. Ireland 🇮🇪 | CONNOLLY – Midnight Summer Night (2nd place at Eurosong)

11. Ukraine 🇺🇦 | Jerry Heil – When God Shut The Door (3rd place at Vidbir)

12. Estonia 🇪🇪 | OLLIE – Venom (2nd place at Eesti Laul)

13. Portugal 🇵🇹 | Edmundo Inácio – A Festa (2nd place at FDC)

14. Italy 🇮🇹 | Lazza – Cenere (2nd place at Sanremo)

15. Croatia 🇭🇷 | Harmonija Disonance – Nevera (Lei, Lei) (2nd place at Dora)

16. Denmark 🇩🇰 | EYJAA – I Was Gonna Marry Him

17. Spain 🇪🇸 | Vicco – Nochentera (3rd place at Benidorm Fest)

18. Latvia 🇱🇻 | 24. Avēnija – You Said (3rd place at Supernova)

19. Norway 🇳🇴 | Ulrikke – Honestly (2nd place at MGP)

20. Germany 🇩🇪 | Will Church – Hold On (3rd place at ULFL)

21. Sweden 🇸🇪 | Marcus & Martinus – Air (2nd place at Melodifestivalen)

22. Albania 🇦🇱 | Elsa Lila – Evita (1st place at FIK)

23. Serbia 🇷🇸 | Filip Baloš – Novi Plan Drugi San (4th place at PZE)

Who do you think should win OGAE Second Chance 2023? Click here to vote on your favourite entry!

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