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Changes coming to Sanremo in 2024

The 2024 edition of the Sanremo Music Festival will be different from previous additions, artistic director Amadeus announced today.

Announcing changes

Amadeus appeared on TG1 Mattina Estate, Rai 1’s new morning show, to discuss developments on next year’s edition of Sanremo. He has finished writing the regulations for 2024, and they have been sent to the lawyers of Rai for approval. It has not been revealed yet what the changes will be, but they will be announced “soon”.

Amadeus has foreshadowed that the changes will involve the setup of the shows throughout the week. Last year, the distribution was as follows: the first half of the competitors performed their song on Tuesday, and the second half on Wednesday. On Thursday, everyone performed their song, Friday was dedicated to covers in duet form, and on Saturday, all artists performed once again, with a superfinal round deciding the winner of the festival. This superfinal round featured five acts in 2023, but only three in previous years. A redistribution of these evenings and their formats could be announced soon.

Preparations in full swing

Furthermore, Amadeus has told TG1 Mattina Estate that he is already working on the selection of songs for the 2024 edition of Sanremo. He has received “hundreds” of applications already and will continue listening and making selections during the summer. For him, it is important that the festival represents the current Italian music industry. In fact, he mentioned specifically that young people and their tastes should be well represented in Sanremo. Thanks to his children, Amadeus has been listening to more modern music. He said on the show that it is “unthinkable that the songs of Sanremo are not in the top 10 in the charts after a week”. With over 80% of 14 to 24-year-olds following the festival, the artistic director claimed it has become a “programme for young people”.

Finally, Amadeus also confirmed that he is already working on the scenography of 2024’s edition of Sanremo, along with stage designer Gaetano Castelli. Castelli has worked on the Sanremo stage with Amadeus for the past four editions. They appear to be in the brainstorming phase: “I have a big notebook, from my first festival, in which I write down names, ideas, which may or may not come to fruition”, Amadeus said.

Earlier this month, Amadeus announced that next year’s edition will be his final Sanremo as an artistic director. There is no word yet on who will replace him in 2025.

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