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Albania: RTSH confirm FiK 62 participants

albina and familja kelmendi albania 2023
Credit: RTSH

The Albanian broadcaster revealed the names of the competing artists, plus the names of both the songs and the composers.

Albania has held the singing competition, Festival i Kenges, since 1966. Since 2014, the contest has been the winners’ ticket to Eurovision. And this year, the Albanian broadcaster, RTSH, haven’t changed much of the tradition. The new part this year is that both a jury and the viewers get to decide who will fly the Albanian flag in Malmö next year.

List of contestants and composers

The list of contestants, songs and composers reads as follows:

  • Besa Krasniqi – Esenciale. Music and lyrics by Besa Krasniqi
  • Eldis Arrnjeti – Një Kujtim. Music by B. Daci. Lyrics by Eldis Arrnjeti
  • Elsa Lila – Mars. Music and lyrics by Elsa Lila
  • Erina and the Elements – Jetën n’Skaj. Music and lyrics by A. Gjoni
  • Jasmina Hako – Ti. Music by Artemis Veizaj. Lyrics by Florian Zyka
  • Jehona Ponari – Evol. Music and lyrics by Jehona Ponari
  • Sergio Hajdini – Uragan. Music and lyrics by Sergio Hajdini
  • Sphat Deda – S’mund t’fitoj pa ty. Music and lyrics by Shpat Deda
  • Tiri Gjoci – Në Ëndërr. Music by Tiri Gjoci. Lyrics by Romeo Veshaj
  • Martina Serreqi – Vetëm Ty. Music by M. Kapidani. Lyrics by A. Krroqi
  • Big Basta and Vesa Luma – Mbinatyrale. Music by Alban Kondu and Fabian Basha. Lyrics by Big Basta
  • Festina Mejzini – Melos. Music and lyrics by Sokol Marsi
  • Mal Retkoceri – Çmendur. Music and lyrics by Mal Retkoceri
  • Michela Paluca – Për Veten. Music and lyrics by Enis Mullaj
  • Santino de Bartolo – Dua të tti me ty. Music and lyrics by Santino de Bartolo
  • Stivi Ushe – Askush si ty. Music by Aleks Gjonpalaj and Stivi Ushe. Lyrics by Stivi Ushe.
  • Kleansa Susaj – Pikturë. Music by J. Kaso. Lyrics by. Florian Zyka.
  • Kejsi Tola – Vallëzoj me Dritën. Music by Kejsi Tola. Lyrics by Olti Curri
  • Kastro Zizo – 2073. Music by K. Bega. Lyrics by Timo Flloko
  • Andi Tanko – Herë pas Here. Music and lyrics by Andi Tanko
  • Anduel Kovaci – Nan’. Music and lyrics by Anduel Kovaci
  • Arsi Bako – Zgjohu. Music by Denis Hima. Lyrics by Arsi Baki
  • Besa Kokëdhima – Zemrën n’Dorë. Music by Kledi Bahiti and Besa Kokëdhima. Lyrics by Rozana Radi.
  • Bledi Kaso – Çdo gjë mbaroi. Music by Bledi Kaso. Lyrics by Pandi Laco
  • Melodajn Mancaku – Nuk jemi më. Music by Wendi Mancaku. Lyrics by Melodajn Mancaku
  • Olsi Ballta – Unë. Music and lyrics by B. Gramo
  • Troy (band) – Horizonti i Ëndrrave. Music by Troy. Lyrics by A. Cuka and A. Lakuriqi
  • Samanta Karavella – N’Majë. Music by Samanta Karavella. Lyrics by Liridion Berisha
  • Luan Dirmishi – Përsëritja. Music by Tomor Kuci. Lyrics by Tomor Kuci and Luan Durmishi
  • Sardi Strugaj – Boshatisur. Music and lyrics by Sardi Strugaj

Albania in Eurovision

Albania made their Eurovision debut in 2004 and has participated in the contest every year since then. Their best result came in 2012, where Rona Nishliu got to fifth place with the song Suus. Last year, Albania chose Albina & Familja Kelmendi to represent them with Duje. Albina and her family ended up in 22nd place in the grand final. You can watch their performance here:

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