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Eesti Laul 2024 songs and music videos released

The Semi-Final will take place on January 20 ahead of the Final on February 17

Exactly one month ago, ERR the national broadcaster of Estonia confirmed the 20 artists taking part in Eesti Laul 2024. Tonight during Eesti Laul 2024. Start, ERR has revealed the entries accompanying each artist throughout the live Semi-Final in Tartu on January 20 as well as the songs of the five automatic qualifiers for the February 17 Final, as Estonia begins their search for the representative taking them to Malmö next May!

Eesti Laul 2024 songs revealed

This evening ERR released all 20 entries competing in Eesti Laul 2024. During the Eesti Laul 2024. Start reveal show we saw behind-the-scenes clips and interviews with the acts, as well as first listens to all the songs with their music videos, vying to become Estonia’s next Eurovision entry for the Malmö hosted contest. Below is a reminder of the Semi-Finalists, the automatic qualifiers and all of the songs.


  • OLLIE – ‘My Friend’ (Oliver Mazurtšak)
  • Sofia Rubina – ‘Be Good’ (Jason Hunter, Robert Stanley Montes, Renae Rain)
  • Ewert and The Two Dragons – ‘Hold Me Now’ (Ewert Sundja, Erki Pärnoja, Ivo Etti, Kristjan Kallas)
  • Multikas, Ewert Sundja – ‘Oblivion’ (Joosep Järvesaar, Hugo Martin Maasikas, Ewert Sundja)
  • Anet Vaikmaa – ‘Serotoniin’ (Sven Lõhmus)
  • 5MIINUST x Puuluup – ‘(nendest) narkootikumidest ei tea me (küll) midagi’ (Põhja Korea, kohver, Lancelot, Päevakoer, Marko Veisson, Ramo Teder, Kim Wennerström)
  • YONNA – ‘I Don’t Know About You’ (Johanna Eendra, Jakob Kaarma, Semjon Greef)
  • Silver Jusilo – ‘Lately’ (Silver Jusilo, Markus Palo)
  • INGA – ‘No Dog On A Leash’ (Inga Tislar, Markus Palo)
  • Peter Pöder – ‘Korra Veel’ (Peter Põder)
  • Antsud – ‘Vetevaim’ (Aile Alveus, Antsud)
  • Cecilia – ‘FOMO’ (Cecilia-Martina Mägi, Sander Sadam, Liis Hainla)
  • Traffic – ‘Wunderbar’ (Stig Rästa, Silver Laas)
  • Ingmar – ‘Dreaming’ (Ingmar Erik Kiviloo)
  • Laura – ‘Here’s Where I Draw The Line’ (Laura Põldvere, Johannes Lõhmus)

Automatic Qualifiers

  • Brother Apollo – ‘Bad Boy’ (Erkki Sippel, Joseph Miettinen)
  • Carlos Ukareda – ‘Never Growing Up’ (Carlos Ukareda)
  • Daniel Levi – ‘Over The Moon’ (Daniel Levi Viinalass, Victor Crone, Vallo Kikas)
  • Nele-Liis Vaiksoo – ‘Käte ümber jää’ (Peter Põder, Allan Kasuk, Nele-Liis Vaiksoo, Marek Sadam)
  • Uudo Sepp, Sarah Murray – ‘Still Love’ (Liis Hainla, Uudo Sepp, Joel Sundkvist, Aleksi Wiklund)

All the music videos, complete with lyrics, can be played though the ERR website and those that missed the full launch show, can re-watch it on ETV’s online service.

Format of Eesti Laul 2024

Since 2009 Estonia has used the Eesti Laul national final to select its representatives. As we previously reported, twenty entries have been selected by a pre-jury of 41 members, who listened to the songs blind, with no knowledge of names involved or song titles. In the event that a competing entry does not comply with the regulations, two back-up songs will be selected in reserve. Meanwhile Estonia’s Radio 2 will also preview songs that missed out on selection to promote and boost new music in the country. All of the competing entries will be revealed on December 8.

Only one Semi-Final consisting of 15 entries is set to take place. From which, 5 will progress to the Final across two rounds of voting. The winners of the first round will be decided by the jury vote and TV viewers’ phone votes, and winners of the second round will be decided only by the viewers’ phone votes. In order to promote Tartu’s status as European Capital of Culture 2024, the city will host the Semi-Final on January 20.

In the Grand Final, the winning Semi-Finalists will join the five automatic qualifiers. The usual voting format consisting of two rounds will return. The first round will determine the acts in the ‘Super Final’ and is decided by 50% jury voting and 50% public vote. During the Super Final, the Estonian representative is chosen by 100% televoting.

The Grand Final of Eesti Laul 2024 will take place in Tallinn on February 17, (5pm GMT, 6pm CET, 7pm EET and 4am AEDT).

Eesti Laul 2024 live show dates:

  • Semi-Final – January 20
  • Grand Final – February 17

Eesti Laul 2024 hosts

Recently, ERR also revealed some familiar hosts to guide us through Eesti Laul this year. Once again Tõnis Niinemets and Grete Kuld are teaming up, following their reunion in last years’ national selection. Together they will host the Semi-Final and Final of Eesti Laul 2024.

Estonia in the Eurovision Song Contest

Back in 1994 Estonia made their Eurovision debut in Dublin with Silvi Vrait and the entry, ‘Nagu merelaine‘. During the contest the Baltic nation placed 24th with just 2 points. Despite the early setback, Estonia have achieved ten top ten results in total. Their best result came with Estonia’s only win in 2001. In Copenhagen the collective of Tanel Padar, Dave Benton and 2XL scored victory with 198 points for ‘Everybody‘.

Last year the Estonian public chose ALIKA and ‘Bridges’ through Eesti Laul 2023. During the Liverpool contest, ALIKA achieved Estonia’s best result in the Grand Final since 2018. Earning a total of 168 points, resulting in 8th place.

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