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Käärijä Celebrated with a Vibrant Mural in Vantaa

In Finland, the landscape of the city of Vantaa now features a grand mural celebrating Finnish Eurovision icon Käärijä. This vibrant artistic tribute captures the essence of Käärijä’s celebrated performance, which secured Finland’s second-highest achievement in the history of the song contest.

Post his remarkable performance at Eurovision 2023, where he clinched the second spot, Käärijä’s popularity has soared, establishing him as a cherished national figure. The city’s homage to his success is a monumental mural that adorns the wall of a Prisma outlet in Tikkurila, a district chosen for its accessibility and high foot traffic, making it a new focal point for tourists and fans.

Riikka Åstrand, Vantaa’s deputy mayor, elaborates on the location choice: “Tikkurila is a vibrant district, and we wanted Käärijä’s tribute to be easily accessible to both locals and international visitors.”

Collaborative Mural by Finnish Artists Viivi Vierinen, Juha Lahtinen, and Joonas Koponen in Vantaa. Credit: City of Vantaa / Creative Team: Viv Magia, Juha Lahtinen, Joonas Koponen.

Emanating from a public voting process, two finalist designs were presented, with Käärijä himself making the ultimate selection. The chosen artwork is a joint venture by Viivi Vierinen, Juha Lahtinen, and Joonas Koponen, whose design encapsulates Käärijä’s exuberance and features motifs from his Eurovision hit, “Cha Cha Cha.”

The mural, which encompasses a staggering nine to thirty meters in height, was a laborious endeavor, demanding innovative techniques, including constructing a colossal compass to integrate lyrics into the artwork. The artists Vierinen, Koponen, and Lahtinen contributed their expertise in portraiture, calligraphy, and background artistry to create this large-scale masterpiece.

Adding to Käärijä’s expanding influence, his previous residence in Malmi has been converted into a rental property, offering a unique living experience. Adorned with his emblematic green palette and featuring the artist’s painting in his iconic bolero, the apartment is now a coveted destination for short-term stays, amplifying his presence in Finland’s cultural and tourism sectors.

This initiative came to fruition following Käärijä’s reception of a complimentary apartment in Vantaa for a year, an honor awarded for his Eurovision accomplishments. As a result, his former Malmi home now serves as an immersive city retreat, drawing in admirers and vacationers.


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