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Eurovision 2023 the 3rd most watched show in the UK this year

Today the list was published of the top 10 of most watched television series in The UK. The Eurovision Song Contest takes 3rd place on this list.

This news should come to no surprise as it was held in Liverpool this year, co-hosted with Ukraine, where it could not be held due to ongoing war in Ukraine.

With 10.7 million viewers the Eurovision Song Contest had the most viewers of the entertainment shows broadcasted in the UK in 2023.

In total the BBC produced 7 of the shows in the  top 10. Charlotte Moore, BBC Chief Content Officer says: “Only the BBC can offer such scale, distinctiveness and ambition. Our range of world-class programmes is unrivalled, we’ve delivered value to audiences and they’ve chosen the BBC in every genre. We are facing tough financial challenges, and while we are not unique in this, what’s impressive is that despite all the millions being spent on global platforms, we’ve had an extraordinary year creatively.” 

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