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UMK 2024 artists announced: songs released daily

The Grand Final of UMK24 will take place on February 10

Tonight the seven artists that will perform in the final of Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2024 on the 10th of February have been announced.

It was the first time that the hosts Pilvi Hämäläinen, Benjamin and Viivi Pumpanen presented together in the Yle arena. It was obvious that the chemistry between them is amazing so that will guarantee a good show on the 10th of February.

UMK 2024 artists and songs

The seven artists are:

  1. Cyan Kicks – Dancing With Demons
  2. Sexmane – MANIA
  3. Sara Siipola – Paskana
  4. Jesse Markin – Glow
  5. Windows95man & Henri – No Rules
  6. Sini Sabotage – Kuori Mua
  7. Mikael Gabriel x Nublu – Vox Populi

Each weekday until Friday January 19, Yle will release a new music video from one of the competing UMK24 artists. Below we present each release as they happen.

1: Cyan Kicks – ‘Dancing With Demons’

Last night, UMK24 launched with the release of the first song. Many will remember Cyan Kicks taking part in UMK22 and placing second with ‘Hurricane’. Now, the Helsinki-based rockers are back with ‘Dancing With Demons’. A contemporary track co-written by Elize Ryd (Melodifestivalen 2015) and SaRaha (Melodifestivalen 2016).

2: Sexmane – ‘MANIA’

Edward Maximilian Sene, otherwise known as Sexmane rose to fame in 2019 with his provocative debut album, Sextape. The half-Senegalese singer from Siilinjärvi, hails from a talented musical family. His brother, Isaac Sene competed in UMK back in 2022. Adding a bit of ‘MANIA’ to UMK24, Sexmane delivers an intense fusion of rock and rap.

3: Sara Siipola – ‘Paskana’

Sara Siipola is a well-known singer born in Laihia, Finland. The song Paskana is inspired by the death of the father of a great friend of hers. The song is meant to help people cope with sadness and allow them to be broken and at the same time make them realise there is always a happy end. The song feels both delicate and powerful at the same time.

4: Jesse Markin – ‘Glow’

Formerly part of the rap group The Megaphone State, Jesse Markin rose to fame in 2019 in Finland with his solo album FOLK. At the Emma Gaala (Finnish Grammy’s) he got awarded the award for Newcomer of the Year and the Critics choice award. With his upbeat and inspiring song ‘Glow’ he hopes to represent Finland at ESC 2024.

5: Windows95man – ‘No Rules’

The nineties are back with the dance song ‘No Rules’ by Windows95man! This is the first single Windows95man releases and embodies the Finnish DJ’s motto of having no rules. He has had previous experience with opening for Käärijä’s show at the Helsinki Ice Hall and he performed at the Helsinki New Year’s Celeberation in 2022.

6: Sini Sabotage – ‘Kuori Mua’

Sini Sabotage is a Finnish rapper who debuted her first solo single in 2013 called “Levikset repee” which became a number one hit in the Finnish charts. Her participation in UMK means a new chapter in her music career. The song “Kuori Mua” means peel me, and describes how we are never what we appear on the outside, we all have many layers.

7: Mikael Gabriel x Nublu – Vox Populi

The Finnish rapper Mikael Gabriel and the Estonian rapper Nublu, both well-known in their respective countries, have decided to collaborate for the song Vox Populi. They found each other through social media, which is fitting for the meaning behind their song. The song is about how it is hard to know what the truth is and what isn’t on today’s popular public forums, where everyone tries to present their own opinions as truth.

Last year UMK brought us the energetic Käärijä with his song ‘Cha Cha Cha’ and we are all very excited to see who will represent Finland this year.

Who do you think will win UMK 2024? Let us know in the comments!

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