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Angelina Mango wins Festival di Sanremo 2024

After an exciting week full of music, comedy and special guests, Angelina Mango has won the 74th Festival di Sanremo, with her song “La noia”!

This year, 30 acts participated in Sanremo. On each night leading up to the final, only the top five would be announced for the first time (after revealing the full results in previous years). The first night, on Tuesday, saw all contestants performing their song for the first time. The press gave their votes, which resulted in the following top five:

  1. Loredana Bertè – “Pazza”
  2. Angelina Mango – “La noia”
  3. Annalisa – “Sinceramente”
  4. Diodato – “Ti muovi”
  5. Mahmood – “Tuta gold”

On the second and third nights, half of the acts performed their songs again, and the top five was decided by a combination of televotes and a radio jury. The top five for the second night:

  1. Geolier – “I p’ me, tu p’ te”
  2. Irama – “Tu no”
  3. Annalisa – “Sinceramente”
  4. Loredana Bertè – “Pazza”
  5. Mahmood – “Tuta gold”

And the third night:

  1. Angelina Mango – “La noia”
  2. Ghali – “Casa mia”
  3. Alessandra Amoroso – “Fino a qui”
  4. Il Tre – “Fragili”
  5. Mr. Rain – “Due altalene”

The fourth night (Friday) was cover night! Each participant performed a duet with another musician and chose a song by yet another singer or band (at least for most of the acts). The top five was decided by televotes, the press, and the radio jury. The top-five artists, and their songs, are:

  1. Geolier & Guè, Gigi D’Alessio & Luchè – “Strade” medley
  2. Angelina Mango & Quartetto d’archi Orchestra di Roma – “La rondine”
  3. Annalisa & La Rappresentante di Lista & Coro Artemia – “Sweet Dreams”
  4. Ghali & Ratchopper – “Italiano vero” medley
  5. Alfa & Roberto Vecchioni – “Sogna, ragazzo, sogna”

Tonight, everyone performed their songs for a final time, and the winner was chosen by televotes, press and radio, each accounting for 1/3 of the results. As usual, the top five battled for the win in a superfinal. Find the full results here:

1Angelina MangoLa noia (superfinal)
2GeolierI p’ me, tu p’ te (superfinal)
3AnnalisaSinceramente (superfinal)
4GhaliCasa mia (superfinal)
5IramaTu no (superfinal)
6MahmoodTuta gold
8Loredana BertèPazza
8Il VoloCapolavoro
9Alessandra AmorosoFino a qui
11GazzelleTutto qui
12Il TreFragili
13DiodatoTi muovi
15Fiorella MannoiaMariposa
16The KolorsUn ragazzo una ragazza
17Mr. RainDue altalene
18Santi francesiL’amore in bocca
19NegramaroRicominciamo tutto
20Dargen D’AmicoOnda alta
21Ricchi e poveriMa non tutta la vita
22BigmamaLa rabbia non ti basta
23Rose VillainClick boom!
24ClaraDiamanti grezzi
25Renga NekPazzo di te
27La SadAutodistruttivo
28BNKR44Governo punk
30Fred De PalmaIl cielo non ci vuole

In addition, Fiorella Mannoia won the prize for best lyrics, and Angelina Mango won the prize for best musical composition.

As always, the winner of Sanremo is not automatically the Italian representative in Eurovision: they have to accept the honour first. In her Sunday morning press conference, Angelina announced that she will be representing her country in Malmö!

In advance of the show, the team at ESCXTRA selected our favourite to win. We chose Annalisa (81 points), followed by Mahmood (72 points) and Sanremo’s winner Angelina Mango (65 points).

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