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Luxembourg is here to stay: 2025 search started

The dust is slowly settling on Malmö after a tense Eurovision Song Contest 2024. With some countries reflecting back on the contest we just had, others are already looking ahead. Luxembourg is one of the first to confirm their participation in 2025.

“On track” for Eurovision 2025

In a comment to newspaper L’Essentiel, a Luxembourgish outlet, David Gloesener spoke about next year’s contest. Gloesener is part of the Luxembourgish delegation in Malmö and he has confirmed that everything it “on track” for Eurovision 2025. In the upcoming weeks, Luxembourg’s broadcaster RTL will evaluate their first Eurovision adventure in 31 years. They will be doing so together with a work force from the government, who’s involved in funding the participation.

The desire to choose their act through the Luxembourg Song Contest again is there as well. Gloesener is quoted saying: “We are preparing and are looking for our next candidate to go to Switzerland.”

Return after absence

Last night, Tali represnted Luxembourg at their first Eurovision final in 31 years. Luxembourg last participated in 1993 with Modern Times and “Donne-Moi Une Chance”. With five victories under their belt, the country withdrew due to financial and organisational reasons.

In 2023, RTL revealed their return to the competition. With a large national final in Esch-sur-Alzette, it was Tali who emerged victorious with her “Fighter”. In Malmö, she finished in thirteenth place. It is Luxembourg’s best result in 36 years, when Lara Fabian finished fourth with “Croire”.

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