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Liechtenstein proposes tourism tie-in with St. Gallen for Eurovision 2025

After Nemo’s victory in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, numerous Swiss cities are declaring their interest to be the host city for the Eurovision Song Contest 2025. In a rather ambitious move, Liechtenstein has offered support to St. Gallen’s Eurovision 2025 with a tourism tie-in.

Liechtenstein offers support to St. Gallen’s Eurovision 2025 bid

During a recent interview with Radio Liechtenstein, Matthias Ulrich (Head of Liechtenstein Marketing) proposed the idea of Liechtenstein co-operating with St. Gallen to bring the Eurovision Song Contest 2025 to the local region. The micro-state already boosts tourism to the area with its collaboration projects with St. Gallen. Matthias and Liechtenstein Marketing state that hosting Eurovision is a moment where, “the whole region is needed.”

Liechtenstein has long had a passing interest in Eurovision. With numerous attempts over the years to participate in the famous European music contest.

Already, St. Gallen has declared their interest in submitting a proposal to SSR and the EBU to host Eurovision 2025.

Thanks to the new hall, we are playing in the first league. It is part of our core mission to carry out events in the interests of Eastern Switzerland. Together with our partners in the next phase, we will check whether we officially apply [to host Eurovision 2025] or not.

Christine Bolt (Head of Olma Messen AG)

The main venue in the city is the St Galler Kantonalbank Hall. Although the venue has a large 12,000 capacity, it is unlikely to meet the technical design specifications required for a modern Eurovision Song Contest. So far, the cities of Geneva and Zurich have also expressed their interest in hosting next years’ contest in Switzerland.

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