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Gåte considered withdrawing from Eurovision 2024

In the aftermath of a controversial Eurovision Song Contest 2024, Norwegian folk-band Gåte revealed to Norwegian media that they considered withdrawing from Eurovision 2024.

Gåte guitarist confronted EBU officials

During an interview with Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten, Magnus Børmark the guitarist from Gåte revealed some startling revelations about their Eurovision experience. Behind the scenes in Malmö, the band grew frustrated with the lack of support from the EBU. Magnus admitted that he confronted officials from the EBU over his concerns surrounding the vents leading up to the Grand Final on May 11. He went on to state he felt the artists were being cornered into a, “political role”. With the EBU leaving the artists to be the spokespeople for any political questions about the contest.

Withdrawing was on the block until the last second. We eventually had constructive talks with the EBU. Things were just good enough to carry on.

Magnus Børmark, speaking to Aftenposten

This comes amid numerous artists, delegations and broadcasters also raising their concerns over the EBU’s handling of events and incidents throughout the week. Following the conclusion of the Grand Final, the EBU issued a statement in response to these claims.

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