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Joost Klein’s lawyer denies any criminal offense

Following the Netherlands’ disqualification from the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 a week ago, Joost Klein’s lawyer has reported to media that he denies any criminal offense. He has also told media that Joost is very upset and distraught about the whole situation.

Just hours before the Grand Final in Malmö, the Netherlands’ Joost Klein was disqualified following a backstage incident. This was the first time a participant was disqualified during the week of the contest. The incident was reported to local police, who have been handling the case. Joost Klein’s lawyer, Jan-Åke Fält, claims that his client did push away a photographer’s camera backstage but did not threaten them. Joost’s actions would thus not constitute a criminal offense in any way. Fält says that they can still provide witnesses for the case, but they have not yet decided if they will do this.

Fält has told media that a provisional trial date has been set for early June. However, it is still uncertain if Joost will have to appear in court:

“He has not officially been charged. The Public Prosecution Service still has to make that decision once the investigation is fully completed. I am certain that, if the police do their research well, he will not be prosecuted.”

Finally, the Swedish lawyer confirms that Joost has already been interrogated by police on 11 May and that no restrictions have been imposed on him, making him free to travel outside of Sweden while the case is in progress.

Earlier this week, Dutch media reported that broadcaster AVROTROS had already reported their concerns about unsafe working environments prior to Joost’s disqualification. EBU has reiterated that they did not find it appropriate for Joost to perform in the Grand Final on 11 May.

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