Stockholm 2016

VRT announces new national final

Belgium has announced the first details of their way of selecting their 2016 Eurovision entry. VRT will have a new format with five artists.
VRT has said they will look for five artists and songs. Their plan is to find these artists and songs themselves, but interested artists and songwriters can apply by sending an e-mail to [email protected]. The last time VRT organised a national final, Axel Hirsoux was chosen for Copenhagen. His Mother failed to qualify.
This year, the Walloon broadcaster RTBF internally chose Loïc Nottet to represent them in Vienna. The runner-up of The Voice Belgique surprised many when his song was revealed. Rhythm Inside qualified for the final and eventually finished in fourth, Belgium’s highest since 2003. VRT’s best result ever dates back to 2010, when Tom Dice finished in sixth.

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