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Should’ve Known Better – Part 2

Siru – Mustelmat

Oh Finland, what can we even say about you? Many deemed Uuden Musikiin Kilpailu to be the best national final of the season. Good songs all around, something for everyone, but what on earth was that punk song doing there? Yes, punk has its fans, but no, I’m not one of them. It finished last in its semifinal despite being hyped by many before the contest, so yep, it was obvious that there must’ve been something else in UMK that was worthy of representing Finland?
Satin Circus, Opera Skaala, Angelo de Nile, Solju, Jouni Aslak, Siru. A list of six that would’ve done so much better in Vienna. Those six all had a special something that would’ve been great on the stage in Eurovision 2015. Satin Circus undoubtedly had the most radiofriendly song, Solju had the joik. Then there’s Angelo de Nile who was so over the top that it was hard to believe that it was actually happening. But Siru, the solo girl with her pop song in Finnish, really was the right choice.
Finland treasures their music in Finnish. Siru is a great performer, she just doesn’t quite grasp the concept of making an instant impression yet. Yet Finland didn’t even put this through to the final and that really only has to do with the way she performed. Her music video was powerful and had a clear message everyone in Europe would’ve understood: Relationship issues, a fight, stuff flying around the room to eventually end up together again. Pink knew how to transfer that to a stage, so Siru just needed to bring on that guy of hers, make a fight, throw some stuff around: The message would’ve been clear, the performance would’ve had some effect and Siru would’ve been the perfect choice.

That’s it from me: I’ve gone through ‘my’ eight countries and I’m really looking forward to hearing your thoughts on these four choices!

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