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Should’ve Known Better – Part 2

Ildikó Keresztes – Hazám Hazád

This was my toughest one until now. I love Boggie and I loved her Eurovision song and it actually did better than anyone expected by qualifying for the final. So I had to look for other reasons why Hungary should have picked something else. A Dal 2015 was another highlight in the national final season with almost only decent songs, so it would’ve been tough for Hungary to mess it up for me. Yet they were pretty damn close. In their superfinal, three of the songs were really not up to scratch. Only Boggie’s was good enough to represent Hungary, if you ask me. But the 26 songs they left behind, with stars of their music scene, were, in many cases, better.
I could easily come up with 2011’s fanwank favourite, Kati Wolf, or the woman I’ve been a fan of for years, Vera Tóth, but in the end, the recent news regarding Hungary made me choose Ildikó. As you may have heard, Hungary’s government has decided to build a 4 meter high fence on the border with Serbia to keep out immigrants. It’s been condemned in European politics and rightfully so. It immediately brought me back to my interview with Ildikó Keresztes, where she said:

This song is about the wonderful and colorful European Union where there are no borders any longer and my country can be your home and your country can be my home.

Only a few months later and the government in Hungary has done the complete opposite of what Ildikó’s song was about. They closed a border and said that their home is not your home. Not at all. To show a different side of what Hungary is about, I chose Ildikó’s effort, which was criminally sent home in the first round.

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