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Should’ve Known Better – Part 4

Nikki Kavanagh – Memories

Now this was a bit of a mess in the national final, and it’s easy to see what viewers thought that ‘Playing With Numbers’ had that this didn’t. But looking at the bigger picture, the last thing that this contest needed was yet another piece of earnest introspection that Molly brought to the table. She was great, but she just unlucky in that she got flooded out completely in what was the wrong year for her.
‘Memories’ however would have been a welcome return to a big old bombastic ballad from Ireland, and this is one that would have really benefitted from the big stage. If Nikki had been styled (and shot) better than she was in the national final, sipped honey and warm water in the run-up and cranked the wind machine up to 11, this could well have seen Ireland in the final.

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