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Should’ve Known Better – Part 4

Elektrofolk – Sundance

It’s a bit difficult to talk about what a country “should have” done when they so clearly made the right choice – Aminata brought Latvia right back into the upper reaches of the scoreboard in style, and was a wake-up call to anybody who had written Latvia off at Eurovision (including many Latvians). However when it comes to what they “could have” done, this is the one I was supporting at the time in Latvia’s high quality revamped national selection.
I think ‘Sundance’ very successfully kept the craziness that Latvia tended to send to Eurovision more often than not, but made it bigger, brasher, and most importantly, much more voter-friendly. I think this would have had the crowd bouncing for all they were worth, which would have been infectious for the voters at home and given Latvia another option for getting them into the final.

So do you agree with my choices? Would any of these songs have done better than their counterparts who did make the cut? Let us know, and make sure to stay tuned for the next installment!

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