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Ten Eurovision covers from the early years

4. Rita Reys & Rob de Nijs – New Old Fashioned Way
Cover of: L. Lindfors & S. Thuresson – Nygammal Vals

Two legends in the Netherlands team up to cover one of the most hilarious, yet amazing, Eurovision songs of the 1960s. Rita Reys, who sadly died in 2013, was titled Europe’s First Lady of Jazz and she does it well in this song. This song doesn’t work with class and charm, it only works with attitude and humour. Rob de Nijs is one of the leading figures in Dutch music in the 60s and 70s, so we’re dealing with quite duet here… The lyrics in this version are just hilarious. Let me give you an example:

They can step aside, this body is mine, you miserable old.

The story of a princess and someone who either is a drum teacher or someone who sells pots and pans… Yep, that’s what I like.

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