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Ten Eurovision covers from the early years

9. Marju Kuut & Aleksandar Rjabov – Tantsulaul
Cover of: Grethe &ย Jรธrgen Ingmann – Dansevise

Behind the Iron Curtain, Eurovision was seen as a Western thingy, nothing they wanted to be part of. Except for Yugoslavia, yes. But sometimes, songs managed to get their way across the borders… This is one of them: Estonia, back then part of the Soviet Union, got a little piece of the brilliance the Ingmann couple brought to the 1963 Eurovision Song Contest. Their own Marju Kuut, together with Aleksandar Rjabov, turnedย Dansevise intoย Tantsulaul. The song keeps all of its charm and class, no matter the language, but Marju’s voice suits the song very well.

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Nick van Lith

I'm one of the founding members of ESCXTRA.com. Eleven years after the start, I'm proud to say that I am now the Editor-in-Chief of this wonderful website. When I'm not doing Eurovision stuff, you should be able to find me teaching German to kids... And cheering on everything and everyone Greek, pretty much. Pame Ellada!

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