Stockholm 2016

SMRTV likely to return in 2016

Last week, when we presented our rundown of who was in and who was “not in yet” for Stockholm, San Marino were in the less certain pile, but that’s no longer the case as it seems the microstate has every intention of being at Eurovision 2016.
It has now been confirmed that San Marino has submitted its preliminary application to the EBU and according to the Head of Delegation, Alessandro Capicchioni, they are hopeful of being in the contest, but want to “examine all options” before making a final commitment.
Alessandro stated that they take the selection of an artist very seriously:

Because we don’t have a specific TV programme whose winner automatically goes to Eurovision, we [SMRTV] must take full responsibility for the choice. We will choose the most solid, the most prestigious and the most valuable performer.

So all the San Marino fans out there can relax for now – the signs are looking positive for the country to be at the contest for the 5th consecutive year. The bigger question now is will a certain Ms Monetta be gracing the stage again?

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