Stockholm 2016

LRT announces selection rules for 2016

After successfully making it to the final in Vienna this year, LRT has confirmed plans to participate in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm. The selection will be tweaked for this year with rules as follows:
The selection is open for a) artists without the songs; b) artists with songs; c) composers with songs to offer. This means that artists that already have a song ready would keep the song throughout the contest while artists without songs will be paired with the composers to compete.
This would then result in 2 different parts of the selection with pool A being artists with newly offered songs and pool B – artists who already have the songs. After a number of heats, 5 best of each pools will be selected to compete in the semifinal. Of these, 5 will make it to the grand final where the winner will be selected by the jury and televote. In case of a tie, the jury’s vote is preferred.
You may as well apply as a composer by submitting your song via e-mail [email protected]. Unless you are Lithuanian citizen, you cannot apply as a performer. Deadline is December 1st.

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