Stockholm 2016

RTP will not participate in 2016

RTP have just announced that Portugal will not be taking part in next year’s Eurovision Song Contest.
In a statement released on RTP’s website this evening, the broadcaster explained that after a long and careful evaluation,  the decision was made not to participate in next year’s contest due to financial constraints.  It is thought that much of the broadcasters budget for next year has already been spent on programming and in particular sporting events.
The director of RTP announced that they plan to return in 2017 with a new strategy, one which could mark the end of Festival da Canção being used to select the Portuguese entry.
It is not the first time Portugal have withdrew from the contest, having been absent most recently in 2013.  Unfortunately, in recent years the country have been unsuccessful in qualifying to the grand final.  In 2010, they qualified with the song  “Ha dias assim” performed by Filipa Azevedo.
This year they were represented by Leonor Andrade with the song ‘Há Um Mar Que Nos Separa’, finishing 14th place in the second semi final.


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