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Lebanon refuse to say no: ‘Not sure’ on 2016

If we talk about surprises in the Eurovision world, we’ve got something for you. According to an e-mail that was given to, Lebanon have not yet ruled out participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016…
The e-mail comes from Thomas Mayer, a German Eurovision fan who contacted Tรฉlรฉ Liban regarding the 2016 Eurovision matter. He got the following reply:

We are not sure yet, however we are working on it and will keep you updated.

It’s a really interesting comment from the Lebanese broadcaster, who obviously actually say nothing. They’re not saying they’re in, but more noteworthy is that they don’t say they’re out either. And that’s more than we heard from them in the past few years…
Lebanon intended to debut in the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest and had even selected their entrant and song: Aline Lahoud withย Quand Tout S’Enfuit. However, as the rules state that a participating broadcaster has to air all participating entries, Lebanon were forced to withdraw as they refused to broadcast the Israeli entry. They also received a ban for a few years, but are now allowed to participate again. Whether they will remains to be seen, though…

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