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Camilla Ismailova selected for Junior Eurovision

San Marino have surprised by picking a Russian girl for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015. 11 year old Camilla Ismailova will fly the tiny nation’s flag in Sofia next month.
SMRTV have also revealed the entry for Camilla. The song will have an English title: Mirror. Despite its title, this Russian girl will mostly sing in Italian. There are however also some English verses.
Hints were dropped over the past few days on the official Eurovision Bulgaria Twitter, where hints were given that it was a girl who is not from Italy or San Marino. Furthermore, we learned that the artist’s first name started with K and ended with A. The absolute curveball of that list was the fact that we were supposedly dealing with a singer who’s not from an Italian speaking country… Yet she will have to sing in Italian in Sofia.
You can listen to Mirror below:

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