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Malta wins the Junior Eurovision Song Contest

Malta has managed to secure their second Junior Eurovision victory in three years time. Destiny Chukunyere scored 185 points with her Not My Soul, beating Armenia into second and Slovenia in third.
The voting was close until the end, with Armenia falling just nine points behind Destiny. The final vote in Montenegro had to bring the decider and saw Malta keeping their lead.
The full result:

  1. Malta: Destiny Chukunyere – Not My Soul: 185 points
  2. Armenia: MIKA – Love: 176 points
  3. Slovenia: Lina Kuduzović – Prva Ljubezen: 112 points
  4. Belarus: Ruslan Aslanov – Volshebvto: 105 points
  5. Albania: Mishela Rapo – Dambaje: 93 points
  6. Russia: Michail Smirnov – Mechta (Dream): 80 points
  7. Serbia: Lena Stamenković – Lenina Pesma: 79 points
  8. Australia: Bella Paige – My Girls: 64 points
  9. Bulgaria: Gabriela Yordanova & Ivan Stoyanov – Colour of Hope: 62 points
  10. Georgia: The Virus – Gabede: 51 points
  11. Ukraine: Anna Trincher – Pochny Z Sebe: 38 points
  12. Ireland: Aimee Banks – Réalta na Mara: 36 points
  13. Montenegro: Jana Mirković – Oluja: 36 points
  14. San Marino: Kamila Ismailova – Mirror: 36 points
  15. The Netherlands: Shalisa – Million Lights: 35 points
  16. Italy: Chiara & Martina – Viva: 34 points
  17. FYR Macedonia: Ivana & Magdalena – Pletenka: 26 points

This marks the second time that Malta has managed to win the contest – something they’ve not yet achieved in the adult Eurovision Song Contest. The last time was just two years ago, when Gaia managed to bring her The Start to victory.
Whether Malta will decide to host the contest next year remains to be seen.

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