Stockholm 2016

Hopefuls for Stockholm revealed

Earlier today it was announced on the official website that Belgium has shortlisted the hopefuls to represent the country in Stockholm to five acts. VRT, the broadcaster in charge of the Belgian entry for the 2016 contest has picked the following names:

  • Laura Tesoro
    Laura is the most well known of the five, as well as the youngest: 19 year old. Being an actress in some of Flanders’ favourite TV shows, she has also participated in the local The Voice. She mostly enjoys uptempo pop music with a little funk.
  • Adil Aarab
    Adil is another talent show contestant. Aged just 16 back then, he entered Idool in 2007. With a bit of soul, R&B and pop, he’ll try to win the ticket to Sweden.
  • Astrid Destuyver
    This 23 year old is the lead singer of dubstep/drum and bass group AKS. Contrary to that, she describes her solo style as more laid back with a hint of soul.
  • Amaryllis Uitterlinden
    This is the oldest singer of the five, aged just 32. A reasonably well known name who’s also an actress and TV host.
  • Tom Frantzis
    Perhaps the most unknown name of the group. This 24 year old music store owner specialises in acoustic guitar and writes a lot of his own music.

Not many details were revealed other than the songs, which the artists are currently working on, will be revealed during the selection shows in January.

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