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Australia to return to Eurovision!

In news that will surprise hardly anyone, EBU have announced that Australia have been invited back for the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. There’s one change to 2015 though: Australia will have to compete in the semifinals and is no longer autoqualified.
There is one point of attention. The second Australian participation does not yet mean that Australia will be a permanent participant. Their status will have to be determined after the 2016 contest. Australia has been invited back because of its cultural and historical links with Europe. More worrying is the following quote from Jon Ola Sand:

We strongly believe the Eurovision Song Contest has the potential to evolve organically into a truly global event. Australia’s continued participation is an exciting step in that direction. It remains to be seen what such an event may look like in the long run.

Does this mean we’ll get to see the likes of South Africa, Canada and China soon? Or is it a vague hope from Jon Ola Sand to see more countries? Only the future will be able to answer that.
For now, let’s welcome back Australia and see what they come up with for Stockholm. A while ago, it was already said that, would SBS be allowed back, they’d find an even bigger name to represent Australia. Who will it be?

Nick van Lith

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