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Bosnia-Herzegovina return to Eurovision!

Bosnia-Herzegovina have announced that they will return to the Eurovision Song Contest. For real this time!
BHRT withdrew from the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest for financial reasons. In 2014 and 2015, they stated there were intentions to return. But it never happened until this year: The fundings are there and the Balkan state will send a representative to Stockholm.
How Bosnia-Herzegovina are going to select their entry is yet to be revealed, but many assume that an internal selection would be the way BHRT choose. Official confirmation of that will probably come out soon.
Bosnia-Herzegovina’s last representative was Maya Sar in 2012, who came 18th with her Korake Ti Znam. Their best result to date is a third place in 2006 with Hari Mata Hari’s Lejla. That same group is one of the rumoured names for 2016.

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