Stockholm 2016

Lithuania started their complex selection

Well well, Lithuania has begun the longest quest imaginable to find their representative for Stockholm. Tonight 8 hopefuls stepped on stage in order to qualify to the next round. 5 acts made it, but first let’s go through them quickly.
Alice Way “Hero” – after “Heroes” last year, miss Alice decided it would be a good idea to submit a similarly titled song to the competition. These two couldn’t be more different though. Alice’s is more of an homage to Aminata, but less challenging vocally. Okay for first effort, but doesn’t translate as winner yet.
Dovydas Petrošius “Starlight” – another newcomer to selection and to local music scene in general. Unfortunately, it sounded like it too. The song is typical average pop tune that is so outdated even Maltese NF wouldn’t take it. Dovydas seems like a good guy, but it’s too weak at this point.
Behind The Moon “Did It All” – this is as much rock as Eurovision can take. Lots of hair, bad vocals and difficult to follow notes. After two slow entries, this does sound refreshing though. P.S. If you’re watching the performance, those are NOT Russian flags, but their own apparently.
Erica Jennings “Leading Me Home” – Erica is back after 15 years. Yes, she is the original member of Skamp who were in Copenhagen back in 2001. Erica is a seasoned performer and knows how it’s done. The song may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s a solid and professional gospel influenced ballad.
Elena Jurgaitytė “I Won’t Come Back” – bad. Next.
Vlad Max “Don’t Wanna Let It Go” – apparently Vlad has a vocal coach who has worked with Adele and Coldplay. She/he should be fired immediately! Either Vlad was very nervous or unprepared. The vocals were strained and the song was not that good either.
Petunija “Tomorrow” – now this is my jam! Petunija’s song sounds like it should be submitted to Eesti Laul and I love it. Very different. Vocally confident too. One of the favorites to make it, I believe.
Donny Montell “Waiting For This Night” – the big favorite for tonight. You may remember him from recent 2012 participation with “Love Is Blind”. This song is much better though and less outdated. Donatas is all alone on stage and visually it lacks stage presentation, but those vocals are on point! A sure qualifier tonight.
Ladies and gentlemen, that was it! Donatas won the jury vote as well as the public. The losers were Vlad Max, Elena Jurgaitytė and Dovydas Petrošius.

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